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Acronym for "eXtensible Protocol for the Replication, Integration and Synchronization of distributed Objects". This protocol enables two or more NetMeshBases to communicate in order to keep their respective MeshObjectGraphs consistent for all shared NetMeshObjects.

XPRISO does not require that one NetMeshBase contain the same MeshObjectGraph as another NetMeshBase with which it communicates, nor does it require that one be a subset of the other. Instead, it is a general-purpose protocol to keep overlapping sub-graphs held in different NetMeshBases consistent, and convey missing information from one NetMeshBase to another when the application there requires access to a part of the overall MeshObjectGraph not currently available at that NetMeshBase. One can think of all NetMeshBases communicating via XPRISO as all helping to support a single MeshObjectGraph that is bigger than any one of the NetMeshBases by itself.

XPRISO currently defines the following operations. Any XPRISO message may contain any number of these operations, affecting several NetMeshObjects at the same time:

Additional operations may be defined in the future.

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