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A Taste of InfoGrid
Rationale for InfoGrid. Start here if you are new to InfoGrid.
InfoGrid Core Ideas
The six core ideas behind InfoGrid architecture and design.

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Welcome to InfoGrid

InfoGrid is an Internet Graph Database with a many additional software components that make the development of REST-ful web applications on a graph foundation easy. InfoGrid is open source, and is being developed as a set of projects:

InfoGrid Graph Database Project

The InfoGrid Graph Database Project develops the GraphDatabase at the heart of InfoGrid.

The InfoGrid GraphDatabase can be used with or without the other InfoGrid projects.

InfoGrid Graph Database (Grid) Project

The InfoGrid Graph Database (Grid) Project augments the GraphDatabase with a replication protocol, so that many distributed GraphDatabases can collaborate in managing very large graphs.

InfoGrid Stores Project

The InfoGrid Stores Project provides an abstract common interface to storage technologies such as SQL databases and distributed NoSQL hashtables. This enables an InfoGrid GraphDatabase to persist its data using any of several different storage technologies but with the same API for application developers.

InfoGrid User Interface Project

The InfoGrid User Interface Project REST-fully maps the content of a GraphDatabase to browser-accessible URLs. Viewlets allow developers to define how individual objects and sub-graphs are rendered. The project also implements a library of Viewlets, and the MeshWorld and NetMeshWorld example applications.

InfoGrid Light-Weight Identity Project

The InfoGrid Light-Weight Identity Project implements user-centric identity technologies such as LID and OpenID.

InfoGrid Model Library Project

The InfoGrid Model Library Project defines a library of reusable object models that can be used as schemas for InfoGrid applications.

InfoGrid Probe Project

The InfoGrid Probe Project implements the Probe Framework, which enables application developers to treat any data source on the internet as a graph of objects. This project also implements a library of Probes for common data formats.

InfoGrid Utilities Project

The InfoGrid Utilities Project collects utility code used throughout InfoGrid.

Sounds interesting so far? For an introduction to InfoGrid, select from the slide presentations to the right, or continue to the Documentation Overview.

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