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Term: Unblessing

An operation by which one or more types currently carried by an instance are dynamically removed.

For example, an instance may be blessed with types Person and OverdueCustomer. By unblessing it from OverdueCustomer, the instance will only continue to carry the type Person. When unblessed, the corresponding Properties are removed with the type.

In InfoGrid, Blessing and Unblessing apply to two kinds of instances:

  • MeshObjects can be blessed and unblessed with EntityTypes. For example: the OverdueCustomer example above.
  • A Relationship between two MeshObjects can be blessed and unblessed with RelationshipTypes. Example: The relationship between a Person and a Company may, over the course of some time, be blessed with: BuysFrom, RecommendsToFriends, WorksFor, WasFiredFrom etc.

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