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Term: Proxy

NetMeshBases communicate with each other in order to establish, evolve and maintain the ReplicaGraphs of the MeshObject Replicas that they contain. They do this by means of Proxies and XPRISO:

For each pair of NetMeshBases (say MB_A and MB_B) that communicate with each other, a pair of Proxies (say P_AB and P_BA) is employed. The first Proxy P_AB is owned and managed by NetMeshBase MB_A and responsible for communicating with MB_B on behalf of MB_A. It accomplishes this by sending XPRISO messages to Proxy P_BA, which is similarly owned by NetMeshBase MB_B. Proxy P_BA may similarly send XPRISO messages to Proxy P_AB.

Proxies are independent of the transport mechanism being used; they delegate to suitable endpoints.

Application developers usually do not directly interact with Proxies.

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