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InfoGrid Projects: Model Library (ig-model-library)

The InfoGrid Model Library Project defines Models (aka schemas) generally useful for InfoGrid applications. Individual applications may have their own Models instead of, or in addition to the Models defined in this project.

Some of the currently defined InfoGrid Models include:

  • org.infogrid.model.Blob: binary large objects
  • org.infogrid.model.Bookmark: ability to bookmark any MeshObject or NetMeshObject
  • org.infogrid.model.Feeds: represent RSS and Atom feeds as MeshObjectGraphs
  • org.infogrid.model.Tagging: ability to tag any MeshObject or NetMeshObject
  • org.infogrid.model.VCard: represent "electronic business cards" (aka VCards)
  • org.infogrid.model.Web: a simple model of the Web itself
  • org.infogrid.model.Wiki: represent information to easily add Wiki functionality to any MeshObject or NetMeshObject.

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