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Term: ModelBase

Each InfoGrid application makes use of a single ModelBase, which stores the working Model of the application. Other names for the concept of a ModelBase used in the literature include "meta-data repository", "data dictionary" and so forth.

The ModelBase enables application developers:

  • to dynamically look up model information related to a MeshObject, e.g. in order to discover the EntityTypes a MeshObject is currently blessed with and then render all discovered Properties; or to determine what source and destination EntityTypes are required for a given RelationshipType.
  • to be able to rely that InfoGrid checks, at run-time, that manipulations of the MeshObjectGraph are always consistent with the working Model of the application. For example, if a Model defined that an Order must always be placed by exactly one Customer, applications are not allowed to relate a second Customer to the same Order with the Customer_Places_Order RelationshipType.

InfoGrid's default implementation of ModelBase keeps all model information in memory and demand-loads additional Models when needed.

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