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Term: MeshObjectsToView

Part of the Viewlet Framework, MeshObjectsToView encapsulates information about the MeshObjects requested in an incoming HTTP request, and certain contextual information.

Specifically, it contains:

For example, the subject MeshObject may be be of type Customer. The subject parameters may indicate to show the Customer's address. The Viewlet parameters may indicate that the requested Viewlet's background should be blue and that the vertical scrollbar should be at 62%. The TraversalSpecification may indicate to show the Customer's outstanding invoices (as opposed to, say, the Customer's past purchasing record which would be indicated by a different TraversalSpecification).

The information content contained in a MeshObjectsToView object can be expressed as a (long) URL. This makes it possible to not only convey the subjects of web pages to others (by sending a URL that corresponds to a MeshObjectIdentifier), but also contextual information, so what's shown on screen is the same.

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