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Term: MeshObjectGraph

The directed graph formed by considering its nodes to be all MeshObjects in a MeshBase, and its edges to be all Relationships between the MeshObjects. It is sometimes referred to a "instance diagram" in the literature.

All business information in an InfoGrid application is captured in the MeshObjectGraph: its nodes, the characteristics of its nodes, its edges and their characteristics. InfoGrid assures that the manipulation of the MeshObjectGraph can only be performed according to the rules defined in the application's Model.

Without considering the blessing of Relationships, this MeshObjectGraph is undirected, likely will have cycles, and is not necessarily contiguous.

Drawing the MeshObjectGraph is a good way of visualizing the MeshObjectGraph (or MeshObjectGraphs) contained in a MeshBase; it is often very helpful when discussing the semantics of [wiki:MeshObject MeshObjects and their manipulation.

In case of a distributed system that uses several NetMeshBases communicating via XPRISO, it may be advantageous to consider a MeshObjectGraph comprised of all NetMeshObjects distributed across the system as if they were in the same MeshBase.

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