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InfoGrid and Microsoft Windows

It's possible to build and run Infogrid on Windows if you use ‚ÄčCygwin. It will not work from the Windows command shell.

There is a small chance that some tests will fail due to timing issues. (This is likely because of the test setup, rather than a windows-specific bug in InfoGrid).

To compile under cygwin ensure that:


where nn is the java release number.

To build use:

./ig-tools/ -build -doc -c ig-config/

Note: Prior to running the build you must create a new project group in the NetBeans? ide on the directory that contains all the Infogrid modules. Then in NetBeans? resolve any missing library references for Log4J and MySQL etc. which should reference the corresponding libraries in the ig-vendors branch of the tree. You might also need to edit the properties file and set the variable "tomcat" to its corresponding location.

Recommendation: All-in-all, it still will be faster for you to get your hands on a Linux or Mac OSX box and preserve your sanity.

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