The Web Graph Database


Trying out InfoGrid

To get a feel for what InfoGrid is like using the shortest amount of time, we recommend the following approach.

  1. If you cannot imagine why you would not develop a new web application around your favorite relational database, look at the "A Taste of InfoGrid" slide presentation available at
  2. To understand the philosophy behind InfoGrid, look at the "InfoGrid Core Ideas" slide presentation also available at

Without this background information, particular the InfoGrid philosophy, experience has shown it is hard to understand InfoGrid and you might be wasting your time.


  1. Download and run MeshWorld and play around with the first set of InfoGrid core ideas related to the InfoGrid GraphDatabase, which we call a MeshBase.
  2. Download and run NetMeshWorld and play around with the second set of InfoGrid core ideas related to assembling several InfoGrid GraphDatabases into grid, and making external information available to InfoGrid via the Probe Framework.
  3. Dive into the documentation.
  4. Browse the JavaDoc.
  5. Obtain the source code, build InfoGrid and run the automated tests. Then:
  6. Participate on a mailing list.
  7. Develop your own InfoGrid application.

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