The Web Graph Database



The InfoGrid persistence architecture is built around the Store abstraction.


The Store API can be found here. It provides operations:

  • to initialize the Store
  • to put named blobs into the Store
  • to update named blobs in the Store
  • to get named blobs from the Store
  • to delete named blobs, or blobs with names matching a pattern from the Store
  • to subscribe to events emitted by the Store.

Subtype IterableStore augments these operations with additional operations:

  • to determine the size of the Store
  • to iterate over the blobs in the Store.


InfoGrid provides several implementations of these interfaces, including:

  • mapping to several relational database management systems
  • mapping to files in a local file system
  • mapping to files in a potentially distributed grid
  • delegating, with a name prefix, to another Store (PrefixingStore)
  • in-memory only (MStore)
  • delegating to another Store, encrypting and decrypting the named blob on the fly (EncryptedStore).

Application developers may develop additional implementations of Store.

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