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Recommended source tree layout for building on InfoGrid

Naturally, many different source trees are possible and anything that works, works. This layout presumes that either:

  • you want to have access to the InfoGrid source code when working on your project, e.g. to debug into the InfoGrid codebase itself. Or:
  • you want to use the InfoGrid build scripts without changes for your own code.

If you don't want to do either, you can ignore this page and simply add the needed JARs from an InfoGrid binary distribution.

This example assumes that organization builds an application called com.example.myapp that uses a Model called com.example.model.mymodel on top of InfoGrid's released-latest branch.

In our experience building applications on top of InfoGrid, the following source tree layout has proven to be effective.

  • ~/svn/ contains the source tree of the released-latest branch from InfoGrid Subversion
  • ~/svn/ contains's Subversion code base
  • ~/svn/ contains all of's myapp code, including:
  • ~/svn/ the application StandardModule
  • ~/svn/ the ModelModule
  • ~/svn/ symbolic link to ~/svn/
  • ~/svn/ symbolic link to ~/svn/
  • Similar links to all other InfoGrid Projects needed by myapp.

Then, in NetBeans, define a "Project Group" that is a "Folder of Projects" starting with root folder ~/svn/ This will open up both's and the required subset of the InfoGrid code base in the desired branch. To use a different InfoGrid branch, simply point the symbolic links to a different directory, e.g. ~/svn/

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