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     1= Anatomy of a !NetMeshBase = 
     3NetMeshBase subtypes MeshBase, therefore everything that was said about the [wiki:Docs/MeshBaseAnatomy Anatomy of a MeshBase] is also true for any NetMeshBase. 
     5In addition, a NetMeshBase has the following characteristics: 
     7== Accessing remote !NetMeshObjects via XPRISO == 
     9A NetMeshBase incorporates the ability to access a remote NetMeshObject by obtaining a [wiki:Replica] of that NetMeshObject from the remote NetMeshBase, and keeping that [wiki:Replica] and the surrounding MeshObjectGraph consistent. 
     11The most commonly used method for this purpose is NetMeshBase's `accessLocally` method. In the most general case, this method takes a set of `NetMeshObjectAccessSpecification`s as an argument which capture all information necessary to find and access N remote [wiki:NetMeshObject NetMeshObjects] in parallel. One `NetMeshObjectAccessSpecification` is comprised of: 
     12 * `accessPath`: the sequence of [wiki:NetMeshBase NetMeshBases] through which the request should be routed 
     13 * `netMeshObjectIdentifier`: NetMeshObjectIdentifier of the to-be-accessed NetMeshObject 
     14 * `scopeSpecification`: indicates whether just the single NetMeshObject shall be replicated, or a subset of the related MeshObjectGraph as well 
     15To create a `NetMeshObjectAccessSpecification`, use the NetMeshBase's affiliated `NetMeshObjectAccessSpecificationFactory`. 
     17As long as a [wiki:Replica] exists in a NetMeshBase, [wiki:XPRISO] will make sure it stays consistent with the other [wiki:Replica Replicas] of the same NetMeshObject along the ReplicaGraph. 
     19== Proxies == 
     21Communication between any pair of [wiki:NetMeshBase NetMeshBases] is performed, on behalf of those [wiki:NetMeshBase NetMeshBases], by a pair of [wiki:Proxy Proxies], one of which is each allocated with the NetMeshBase on whose behalf it works. 
     23Application developers usually do not need to interact with [wiki:Proxy Proxies] directly. 
     25See also: 
     26 * [wiki:Docs/MeshBaseAnatomy Anatomy of a MeshBase] 
     27 * NetMeshBase.