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Anatomy of a NetMeshBase

NetMeshBase subtypes MeshBase, therefore everything that was said about the Anatomy of a MeshBase is also true for any NetMeshBase.

In addition, a NetMeshBase has the following characteristics:

Accessing remote NetMeshObjects via XPRISO

A NetMeshBase incorporates the ability to access a remote NetMeshObject by obtaining a Replica of that NetMeshObject from the remote NetMeshBase, and keeping that Replica and the surrounding MeshObjectGraph consistent.

The most commonly used method for this purpose is NetMeshBase's accessLocally method. In the most general case, this method takes a set of NetMeshObjectAccessSpecifications as an argument which capture all information necessary to find and access N remote NetMeshObjects in parallel. One NetMeshObjectAccessSpecification is comprised of:

To create a NetMeshObjectAccessSpecification, use the NetMeshBase's affiliated NetMeshObjectAccessSpecificationFactory.

As long as a Replica exists in a NetMeshBase, XPRISO will make sure it stays consistent with the other Replicas of the same NetMeshObject along the ReplicaGraph.


Communication between any pair of NetMeshBases is performed, on behalf of those NetMeshBases, by a pair of Proxies, one of which is each allocated with the NetMeshBase on whose behalf it works.

Application developers usually do not need to interact with Proxies directly.

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