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NetBeans Setup

InfoGrid is currently being developed using NetBeans. We considered Eclipse, but could not figure out how to reliably make the InfoGrid CodeGenerator and the Eclipse build system get along. (Volunteers?)

All NetBeans versions 6 or higher should work. We currently use NetBeans 7.0.1. If you do not use that version, you may have to re-generate some of NetBeans' auto-generated build files.

It works best if you create yourself a NetBeans "Project Group", and assign the web apps to your local Tomcat install.

Here is one way to do this:

  1. Start NB
  2. Navigate to File->Project Group->New Group
  3. Give it some name
  4. Select "Folder of projects"
  5. Navigate to ~/svn/ (assuming you have followed the recommended convention)
  6. Create Group - and wait a bit, NetBeans seems like it's doing nothing but it's thinking quite hard
  7. Skip past the regeneration messages, but resolve the libraries (see below)
  8. Ensure that the following projects are assigned in their property setting to run on Tomcat:, org.infogrid.meshworld,

Library definitions

To be successful using InfoGrid in NetBeans, you need to set up the following library definitions in NetBeans, where:

  • <SVN-INFOGRID> represents the root of your InfoGrid Subversion tree, such as /home/joe/svn/
  • <NETBEANS> represents the NetBeans installation directory, such as /Applications/NetBeans/NetBeans
Name of libraryPath
CopyLibs <NETBEANS>/java2/ant/extra/org-netbeans-modules-java-j2seproject-copylinkstask.jar
Hadoop <SVN-INFOGRID>/trunk/ig-vendors/libraries/ <SVN-INFOGRID>/trunk/vendors/libraries/
J2EE <SVN-INFOGRID>/trunk/ig-vendors/libraries/
Jackson <SVN-INFOGRID>/trunk/ig-vendors/libraries/
JetS3t <SVN-INFOGRID>/trunk/ig-vendors/libraries/
JSTL <SVN-INFOGRID>/trunk/ig-vendors/libraries/ <SVN-INFOGRID>/trunk/ig-vendors/libraries/
Log4j <SVN-INFOGRID>/trunk/ig-vendors/libraries/
MySQL <SVN-INFOGRID>/trunk/ig-vendors/libraries/
Postgresql <SVN-INFOGRID>/trunk/ig-vendors/libraries/
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