The Web Graph Database


Modeling Concepts

InfoGrid Models are created from a small number of concepts. The most important ones are:

SubjectArea Packaging concept to group related subjects.
EntityType A possible type for a MeshObject.
RelationshipType A possible type for a Relationship between two MeshObjects
PropertyType Defines a possible Property of a MeshObject

Each PropertyType must have a DataType. The following DataTypes are available:

DataType Corresponding instance type Usage
BlobDataType BlobValue Binary value with a MIME type
BooleanDataType BooleanValue Boolean value
ColorDataType ColorValue Represents a color
CurrencyDataType CurrencyValue An amount of money in a specified currency
EnumeratedDataType EnumeratedValue Enumerated set of values
ExtentDataType ExtentValue An extent, captured by width and length
FloatDataType FloatValue Double-precision floating point with a possible range
IntegerDataType IntegerValue Integer with a possible range
MultiplicityDataType MultiplicityValue Multiplicity in a RelationshipType
PointDataType PointValue A point in a two-dimensional plane
StringDataType StringValue A string
TimePeriodDataType TimePeriodValue A period of time, aka duration
TimeStampDataType TimeStampValue A point in time
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