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This living, wikified document explains the InfoGrid architecture and its core parts. To find out more details, consider the generated JavaDoc and the InfoGrid CodeBase. (See Downloads and (License). Many of InfoGrid's Automated Tests are excellent simple examples for common InfoGrid API usage scenarios.

The audience for this document is systems architects and senior developers. In parts, this document may be fairly abstract and conceptual; but then, its purpose is to be high-level and conceptual!

This document provides information in order to enable you to understand:

  • the InfoGrid architecture and its major parts.
  • the concept of model-driven development from an InfoGrid perspective, and how to take advantage of it.
  • how InfoGrid brings together object-oriented design and REST, mapping URLs and MeshObjects to each other.
  • the main object frameworks provided by InfoGrid and how to use them.
  • the principles behind the XPRISO protocol.
  • how to build and use Probes.
  • how to build and test InfoGrid itself.
  • how to design, implement, debug and deploy third-party applications built on InfoGrid.

Disclaimer: As most wiki documents, this document may be somewhat out of sync with specific features of specific InfoGrid versions. Also, it is work in progress: please excuse our mess while we keep trying to clean it up.

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