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InfoGrid History

InfoGrid, as it stands today, is mostly the brainchild of me, ‚ÄčJohannes Ernst. Depending on how you count, I've been working on it for all of my life, although the oldest part of this code base is only a few years old.

The InfoGrid history includes a dot-bombed startup and countless rewrites ("countless" meaning: "not a small integer"). Applications based on earlier versions have been built in the automotive, healthcare, knowledge management and internet industries. Not only has it has been used to construct web applications and both PC-class and mobile devices, but also a client-server application (the client being a Java applet), a rich-client P2P application and a proof-of-concept rich-client application on J2ME mobile devices. The term InfoGrid is comparatively recent.

Finally, the InfoGrid code has been released as open-source, which is what I always wanted to see happen. There has been no "launch" and none is intended; word of mouth will do its own if people think it is worthwhile.

If you are new to InfoGrid, I need to warn you that there are many parts to InfoGrid: I'm afraid if you are serious in attempting to understand most of it, it will take you some time ;-) The different mindset behind InfoGrid is probably a larger obstacle than the volume of the code. I recommend you start with the presentations.

Some of these parts are clearly in better shape than are others. Some simply need more engineering hours; others simply because some things are both novel and hard, and thus need some more time to mature. But it is good enough now to be able to throw it upon an unsuspecting public and build applications on it... so consider it to have been thrown at you, and read on ...

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