The Web Graph Database




FirstStep is a very simple example bookmarking/tagging application to get acquainted with the InfoGrid GraphDatabase. It illustrates:

  • how to create a graph of objects
  • how to traverse the graph in order to retrieve information.


FirstStepWithMySQL shows how to persist the same MeshObjectGraph using MySQL as a key-value store. It consists of two apps:

  • the first app initializes the store, and creates a graph of objects
  • the second app retrieves the graph from the store, and traverses the graph to retrieve information.


DevelopingAWebApplication explains how to develop a Web application, namely, how to do the following:

  • Develop and compile a model.
  • Use the sample MeshWorld app. to render the model and create test data.
  • Probe external data sources.
  • Render the objects so they can be displayed in a browser.
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