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Build Instructions

Note for Microsoft Windows users: you may not be able to build InfoGrid on Windows. More info.

How to build InfoGrid

  1. Make sure you have a reasonably recent version of the Java Developer's Kit JDK, such as Java 5 or Java 6, and you can invoke its tools like javac from the command line
  2. Obtain Subversion and check out the branch you wish to build as described in Subversion.
  3. Go to the root directory of your branch, e.g. cd ~/svn/<BRANCH> (see Subversion Branches)
  4. You need a configuration file for your computer's configuration that contains such information as where a local Tomcat server can be found to run tests. You can find example configuration files in the ig-config directory at the root of your branch. You may want to use one of the configuration files there or create your own. If you do not specify such a configuration file, the build script will use the NetBeans defaults, which may be undesirable.
  5. Assuming you are using configuration file ig-config/, execute the following command:
    ig-tools/ -clean -build -doc -c ig-config/

This will execute a clean build and generate JavaDoc documentation for each module.

To execute tests, consult Test Instructions.

If you are setup to run tests (see Test Instructions), you can also perform a clean build, generate javadoc and run all tests with the shortcut command:

ig-tools/ -a -c ig-config/
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