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Automated Tests

InfoGrid's automated tests use their own test framework. This is because experience has shown that it makes it easier than other test frameworks to quickly build and integrate tests specifically for InfoGrid. For example, which other framework is aware of Models? InfoGrid tests can be run like any other Java command-line application.

Like all other InfoGrid parts, tests are defined as Modules using the InfoGrid Module Framework. Each test Module tests a particular aspect of InfoGrid. They often are defined in parallel to the Modules they test. They are are often named org.infogrid.XXX.test if the module under test is called org.infogrid.XXX. They reside in a test directory that is a sibling to the modules directory in which the to-be-tested Modules are found.

The test framework is defined in the test directory in Project Utils:

  • Module org.infogrid.testharness: standard test harness
  • Module org.infogrid.testharness.tomcat: test harness for testing web applications deployed on Tomcat

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