Graph Database Feature Comparison Table

Pere Urbón Bayes has put together an excellent table comparing features of notable graph databases: post, table (PDF): Neo4j, HyperGraphDB, DEX, InfoGrid, Sones and VertexDB.

One can quibble, as one always can with tables like this, but it is the best comparison of graph databases so far that I’m aware of. Check it out.

Three’s a Crowd: Neo4j, Sones, Filament all implement InfoGrid’s FirstStep Example

Little did I know when I put up InfoGrid’s FirstStep example. The example creates just a few nodes and a few edges to show, in principle, how to build a URL tagging application based on a graph database like InfoGrid.

Alex Popescu at MyNoSQL challenged the Neo4j folks how they would implement it, and they responded promptly. Then, the guys are Sones implemented the same example themselves, and just now the Filament project did the same. Worth a blog post with the links!

Here they are:

for your reading and comparing pleasure.

I’m tempted to list my own observations, but I’d like to avoid a blogging contest in which — naturally — everybody will claim “but the way we do it is better”. Independent reviews anybody?