InfoGrid and Multigraphs

Graph theory distinguishes between graphs that are multigraphs and those that are not, i.e. between graphs where there may be more than one edge between any two nodes, and those graphs where there can only be one edge between any two nodes.

On the first glance, InfoGrid does not support multigraphs. On the second glance, InfoGrid is a bit more powerful than it appears; not an unusual occurrence ;-) Let me explain:

Here is how we create an edge between two nodes in InfoGrid:

MeshObject node1 = ...;
MeshObject node2 = ...;

node1.relate( node2 );

If we try to do the last statement again, InfoGrid will throw a RelatedAlreadyException. That clearly says that multiple edges between the same two nodes are not allowed.


We do this in InfoGrid because unless there is some associated information with each of these edges, we cannot distinguish them and so there is no point in having two. The way we do that in InfoGrid is to bless the edge with more than one RelationshipType, such as:

node1.blessRelationship( PARENT_TO_SON, node2 );
node1.blessRelationship( CUSTOMER_TO_VENDOR, node2 );

These two relationships express that node1 is a parent of son node2, and that node2 (the son) has sold something to customer node 1 (the parent). Very different semantics associated with the same edge. Just like multiple edges in a multigraph.

So: InfoGrid supports multigraphs just fine, just perhaps not entirely as you would have expected.