Big Data Workshop April 23, Mountain View, CA

I’m planning to be at Big Data Workshop, the first unconference on NoSQL and Big Data. If past events moderated by Kaliya Hamlin are any guide, it will be a great opportunity for everybody:

  • to explore together how the Big Data market will be coming together
  • to understand how the key technologies and projects work
  • what interfaces and interoperability standards are emerging and/or needed
  • how we can grow the overall market and make it easier for everybody to adopt these technologies for interesting new projects.

Arguably, without Internet Identity Workshop (also moderated by Kaliya) was the enabler for the stunning adoption rate over the past five years of OpenID, OAuth and related technologies (at last count, more than 1 billion enabled accounts). I hope history repeats itself here.

P.S. Feel free to corner me on InfoGrid, graph databases or any other subject. That’s the whole point of an unconference.

InfoGrid At Enterprise Data World 2010

I’ll be talking about integrating disparate, highly-related information in real-time information using InfoGrid and model-driven development at the upcoming Enterprise Data World Conference in March 2010 in San Francisco. Please join me at Wednesday, March 17, at 8:45am.

There’s much talk in the NoSQL universe, usually by non-believers ;-), about whether NoSQL solutions solve any problems that “regular” companies might have, and not just Google, Facebook and the like.

Well, representing complex information as a graph is something clearly worthwhile, as the web has shown, in particularly if disparate pieces of information need to be related to each other. This is of course indispensable today, and usually far too complex and expensive.

The InfoGrid Graph Database is made to address this problem; and its Probe Framework makes it particularly easy because it can seamlessly deal with information that is not managed by InfoGrid itself. InfoGrid Models govern all data elements and further simplify this otherwise rather complex problem.

See you there for a discussion on NoSQL in the enterprise!