NetBeans7 and Tomcat6

InfoGrid trunk has been upgraded to NetBeans7, but for the time being, we remain with Tomcat6. Unfortunately the NetBeans guys have not exactly made it easy to remain compiling JSPs against the Tomcat6-supported specs instead of Glassfish.

In the relevant InfoGrid projects, we set the relevant properties in for Tomcat6. They are picked up when running the build from the command line.

If you find yourself with compilation errors when compiling from the IDE, the following trick might help:

  • Find your system-wide NetBeans 7.0 properties default file, e.g. ~/.netbeans/7.0/
  • In that file, find the properties that start with libs.jsp- such as libs.jsp-compiler.classpath.
  • Comment them all out!

Given the sequence in which NetBeans reads in those property files (system-wide, private project-specific, all project-specific), they might override the correct settings otherwise.

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