Welcome Infinite Graph

It always looked like it was only a matter of time until the object database companies would try and become graph databases. Perhaps that is what they should have been all along. I’m speaking as somebody who tried several products almost 20 years ago and decided that they were just too much hassle to be worth it: graphs are a much better abstraction level than programming-level constructs for a database.

Today, Objectivity announced “Infinite Graph”, a:

strategic business unit is tasked with bringing [a] enterprise-ready and distributed graph database product to market

(I took the liberty of eliminating the “marketing” superlatives from the quote; the entire press release has a very generous sprinkling of them.)

Actually, they only announced a beta program, which I signed up for. InfiniGraph.com says:


But then, on the screen behind, they say:

Over the next several days, we’ll be preparing our installer and documentation for distribution to the InfiniteGraph community. Stay tuned, and feel free to participate in the discussion on our beta blog!

Well, well, the difficulties of a launch. So I don’t know yet what they created. But it’s good to see another player legitimizing graph databases as a category. So, welcome Objectivity!


  1. Todd Stavish says on May 29th, 2010 at 6:09 am:

    The most interesting thing to me right now about NoSQL is the concept of polyglot persistence. I think for InfiniteGraph, it will be interesting to “hang” more complex structures off the graph, either for modeling sake or for combining meta information to another datastore (for instance document snippets to whole docs in MongoDB). Use-case: fast graph traversals across InfinteGraph, then deep diving into traditional OODBMS features (complex persistent objects) upon node resolution.

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