InfoGrid Now Supports Money as a Native Data Type

There’s a new DataType called CurrencyDataType, and corresponding CurrencyValue. A CurrencyValue consists of a fixed-point decimal number and one of the ISO 4217 currencies. For example, you can say

CurrencyValue newValue = CurrencyValue.create( 12, 34, CurrencyDataType.USD );
System.out.println( newValue );

which will, by default, print:

12.34 USD

It correctly handles currencies that have 0, 1, or 3 digits after the decimal point, too.

In a JSP page, you can say, as you would expect:

    propertyType="org.infogrid.model.Test/AllProperties_OptionalCurrencyDataType" />

(or the identifier of a PropertyType in your model that is of type CurrencyDataType) which will print 12.34 USD in view mode, and automatically make it editable in edit mode.

Easiest to try out by running the test app org.infogrid.jee.testapp. Currently currency support is only in trunk, but will get promoted over time.

Isn’t it much easier if your data platform does this, than having to write currency parsing and rendering code all over one’s application?

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