InfoGrid 2.9.1 Released

This is an incremental release focusing on bug fixes and minor enhancements that make life easier for the developer. To download, go to

Summary of changes:

  • support for reverse proxies (e.g. Apache in front of Tomcat) with corresponding changes of http/s, port, host and path
  • CommandLineBootLoader now deactivates Modules
  • allow ResourceHelper initialization from Module initialization
  • added traceMethodCallExit with return value to Log
  • added identifierSuffix to enable giving an LDAP domain for authentication
  • attempt LDAP reconnect when communication exception
  • many LID/OpenID fixes and improvements, including ability to run behind reverse Proxy
  • all JDBC and database names all-lowercase; too many funny issues on some platforms
  • LidProcessingPipeline sets request attributes org_infogrid_lid_RequestingClient and org_infogrid_lid_RequestedResource instead of something less straightforward
  • support for page-wise scrolling in Viewlets, e.g. the AllMeshObjectsViewlet
  • added InstrumentedThread.advanceTo with a timeout
  • Simplified TransactionAction Exception signatures to make invocation code shorter
  • Split org.infogrid.mesh.TypedMeshObjectFacade into an interface and a class — all generated interfaces now inherit from org.infogrid.mesh.TypedMeshObjectFacade
  • Treat localhost as resolvable global identifier
  • Derive theDefaultMeshBaseIdentifier from first incoming HTTP request if not given in web.xml
  • Less of the mystifying error messages when undeploying on Tomcat
  • added ProbeUpdateSpecification_LastRunUsedProbeClass to Probe model
  • Allow custom HostnameVerifier to deal with non-official SSL certs
  • removed Test model from MeshWorld, NetMeshWorld
  • added Tagging model to MeshWorld, NetMeshWorld
  • changed cookie value encoding
  • clean up cookie values that may have been double-quoted
  • renamed LID cookies to use hyphens not periods, makes interop with PHP easier (which uncomprehensively changes all periods in cookie names to underscores)
  • refactored and expanded session management and related code in LID modules
  • Generic mechanism to add HTTP headers instead of one limited to Yadis
  • moved default gpg working directory to /var/run
  • made SaneRequest more sane: separate URL and POST’d arguments cleanly.
  • added SaneRequest.getAbsoluteFullUriWithoutMatchingArguments
  • moved to NetBeans 2.8
  • various bug fixes, including those found in a static analysis run
  • more tests
  • some API extensions
  • some improved formatting in HTML output

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